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Recycling is a top priority for Sanitary District No. 1. The District has had a very successful recycling program in place since 1995 and consistently has been the leader in recycling efforts in Nassau County. In 2008 District No. 1 recycled a total of 25,085 tons of materials, which includes yard waste and recovered construction and demolition materials. Approximately 41% of materials collected were recycled. This is the highest percentage of recycling for any municipal entity in Nassau County.

Sanitary District No. 1 began an enhanced rear yard collection recycling program in January 2009. These initiatives will include homeowner participation in the separation of recyclable materials (newspapers, bottles, cans, etc.). The commissioners, management and staff of the District are excited about this program and having the participation of residents. Combined with the District's existing programs, recycling levels are expected to rise even further.

The District's method of recycling is extremely efficient. The use of a Materials Recovery Facility allows technology to improve the rate of recycling. This facility has been successfully operating since 1995. All of the waste collected by the District's vehicles passes through the facility where, through mechanical and manual methods, the recyclable materials are recovered. This facility recovers newspaper, mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, mixed plastics (HDPE, PET, etc.), metals (ferrous, bi-metals, tin, aluminum, etc.) and wood.

The District also recycles leaf and yard waste. Private contractors and landscapers, operating within the District boundaries, bring their waste material to the District site. The materials are separated then loaded into transfer trailers for hauling to an off-site processing and composting facility. A private company, under contract to the District, performs this operation.

Together with the separation of recyclable materials from rubbish and yard waste brought into the site, the District recycles over 25,000 tons of materials per year that would otherwise be disposed of by incineration or landfilling.

Educating the public, particularly school children, is important to the District’s commissioners, management and staff. The District currently supports educational programs at local schools and has announced plans to expand recycling programs and education initiatives at local schools.

Residents with questions are encouraged to visit the District’s Frequently Asked Questions page or call the Recycling Hotline (516) 239-5600.

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